Client Testimonials

Heidi Queen K
During the time I was training with you, I got 3rd place in Sandra wickam show, it was great to know someone who didn't use injection and any other hormones for their clients, without your efforts and your great diet u gave me, I wasn't able to get that trophy.
Thank you Arash
nima sheikhyvijeh
I am a 44 years old single father who has been straggling with being overweight for the past 10 years. With arash coaching only within 3 weeks I saw a tremendous result. After a long time it is the first time I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. He puts his mind and soul in for you.
I do not see him as a personal trainer but more like a life coach. I think , feel and act differently in life because of his trainings.
Maryam G
IArash Fattahi ( or better to say "The Champ") is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and warm and he works with the whole person; mentally , emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts i am stronger and more flexible. I have better balance and most importantly working out has become fun.
I recommend him without reservation...
Zeenat Virani
Arash not only changed my life, he changed my mind. He taught me how live my life to be healthy and in the process, I lost 40 pounds and have never been so strong. After 2 kids, sometimes you need someone to motivate you and make you believe you can accomplish certain goals.
Arash has helped me accomplish all my goals and set new ones.
I began with Arash in November 2015. I weighed a whopping 136 lbs. It doesn't seem much but it didn't sit well on a 5 foot frame. The extra fat on my abs after the birth of my daughter in 2006 never went away. I was doing yoga regularly but this was not enough because I never controlled what I ate. Though I am not a regular pizza or burger eater, carbs were a major part of every meal. Nothing fit me well and I always felt depressed when I shopped for clothes. When I met Arash, I was skeptical. I was sure that nothing could make me shed the extra pounds.
The first two weeks on Arash's food regime were the hardest. I cheated often. Just a cookie here and there. I was addicted to them after years of having them with my afternoon tea. It was like withdrawal symptoms. Gradually, with Arash's regular pep talks during my workouts with him, I began to see the logic. I cut carbs out completely. He emphasized how carbs, fried stuff and sugar were the worst enemies. I began to think about what I was eating. Also, the regular workouts gave me more stamina. While I used to pant and puff every time I went up a flight of stairs, I was able to walk uphill for a long period of time, without losing breath. I began to feel good about myself. At the end of the month, I had lost 8 lbs. I felt elated when I saw the scale. This gave me an extra incentive to workout and eat healthy. I did the cardio regularly during the week but skipped it in the weekend.
After a month, Christmas rolled in and I got busy. I went on a holiday. For the most part I was careful. Since I am a vegetarian, staying on a strict dietary regime was hard. I had quite a bit of bread and ice cream. In January, I was busy settling back into my routine. But I never went back to my original weight. I kept most of the weight I lost at bay. However, I felt I had less energy than the time when I was working out with Arash.
I got back to working out with Arash in Feb. Within a couple of weeks. I lost 6 more pounds. People started commenting on how much weight I had lost.
Arash's regime of weights, cardio and diet is spot-on. Moreover, he doesn't waste time during your hour with him by asking us to do cardio. The entire hour is devoted to working out, lifting weights. He asks you to do cardio at your own time. He also gradually increases the amount of time you do cardio. Also, you stop thinking about what he asks you to eat as a diet. Now, if I go crazy eating candy or chocolate, I get a headache. This was the same effect I had when I was getting off junk food. I feel good when I eat healthy both internally and externally. I feel a big weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I used to suffer from excruciating leg pain, probably because of all the excess weight I was carrying. Now I have more energy, no body aches and pains.
What I like about Arash is that he genuinely wants to help people and gives you all the advice, tips he has without holding back. He is happy when you lose weight. He is also very prompt in replying to texts, calls, messages. I feel I am accountable to someone because I send him a picture of every meal/snack I have and he promptly replies with either a "good job" or how I have to change something in my meal. He is very involved and remembers every single detail about the food you eat, the cardio you do and the workouts with him. This kind of involvement gives you the incentive to continue his lifestyle advice forever!
Thanks Arash, for changing my life. You have made me rethink my ideas about food and exercise. I can't go a day now without exercising and I enjoy every moment of it.

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