Our Champions

Meet Champions
  • Arash Fattahi

    Mr. Canada 2014
    CBBF overall winner in BB and BC and the winner of best poser trophy.
    IFBB world champion 2011
    3x 1st place in Iranian National Championships.

  • Ali sabet

    Mr Germany 2015

  • Sean Nikbakht

    1st Place in USA Muscle contest
    4 Medals in NPC
    1st in Masters Physic
    2nd Place in Open Physical 2016

  • Farid Amini

    4th Place in IR Nationals 2005

  • Amber Rims

    2nd Place in Level 1
    2nd in BC
    3rd Place in Nationals 2015

  • Nima Baiglo

    2nd Place in IR Nationals - 2016

  • Reza roozbeh

    1st place in IR nationals - 2009

  • Shahin Ashkan

    1st Place in IR Provincial Championship - 2010

  • Heidi Queen K

    3rd Place in BC - 2014

  • Mohamad Arab

    3rd Place in BC - 2014

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