Google’s guidelines for the top spot

In this busy world we live in, time is more precious than gold. Everyone is always in haste, especially when one is surfing the internet. This is the main reason why every website is fighting for the top spot in Google. Being on top gives you a bigger audience and most probably a larger market share. So how can you get the top spot in Google? The answer lies in search engine optimization.

Optimizing your website means continuous improvement of your site’s content. Web page owners should be keen in making their site fresh and relevant enough to keep up with Google’s strict guidelines for the top spot.


What to improve in a webpage:

  • Keywords and phrases – When optimizing your website you should concentrate on phrases rather on single words. Google looks for phrases that match a particular search item in evaluating a site’s content. Google will display pages where that keyword shows up several times in the body of the page. 
  • Title tag – Since Google looks at each page in a domain, many websites generate page titles with an introduction text appended to the company name. You can optimize the title tag on your webpage by making it unique and eye catching as possible  Found in the browser’s title bar,   it is also important to note that googlebot use the title tag to see what the page contents are. Therefore the title tag should match the page contents to achieve page relevance.
  • Anchor text – Link tags should be precise and relevant. The more specific, the better. Optimize by focusing on your site’s keyword phrases and by using specific link information that are in line with your content. This will make Google’s assessment of your site easy.
  • Header tags – If the title tag tells the purpose of the website, the header tags reveals the purpose of each page. Thus you should optimize by making it interestingly different and bold in nature to attract the attention of viewers to the page.
  • Quality Content- Though this feature is the last thing that Google looks for in its search list, this definitely is not the least. On the contrary, the quality content of your site contributes largely to the satisfaction of your website’s visitors, who are also Google’s customers. Thus it is important to always make your content: refreshingly new and unique to keep visitors of your site very interested and happy. In this manner you are helping Google as it is helping you.

What to avoid in a webpage:

  • Keyword stuffing- be careful of going crazy over keyword phrases. For Google can lower your page in the search engine rankings once it sees too many of that keyword phrases in a page.
  • Irrelevant Title tags – refers to titles that is not relevant to the site’s content
  • Bad content – Either plagiarized, badly written or irrelevant content – Google will not be interested in you. Make sure to follow Google guidelines, or Google will blacklist your domain and not link to it at all.

New content and keyword phrases will help you the top of Google’s search list. More so, if you comply with the guidelines that Google has set. for page ranking, you can set your page up to show up at the top of the search list but this will not automatically increase your market share. Making your content readable, easily understood and increasing the aesthetic value of your site, will definitely help attract visitors to your website thus increasing your chances of a wider market share. Contact Yng Online and ask about our vancouver internet marketing services to help you design a website that will rank high on major search engines. Our vancouver web designers and our Vancouver SEO specialists have years of experience under their belt.

Article By Giessel Razavi

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