Jason Ramcharan was born and raised in Toronto, then enjoyed being an academia brat whose family moved around Canada and the US as his father accepted positions at different universities.   In chronological order: Madison, Wisconsin; Amherst, Nova Scotia; Richmond Hill, Ontario; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   He returned home to Toronto in 2002.

His earliest creative influence was his family, and his first works were pencil sketches of anything and everything that interested him.   Over time Jason shifted his focus to creating comics, then to experimenting with abstraction and perspective.

He has always had a desire to understand the way things work, but his specific interest in the way the universe works was inspired first by Carl Sagan's Cosmos, then by Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time.   It was through Hawking that Jason was introduced to the work of other seminal physicists like Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrodinger, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, and David Bohm.   Contemporary influences include Oliver Sacks, Douglas Hofstadter, Robert Lanza, and Stuart Hameroff.

As his interest in the subject matter grew, so did his desire to understand the role of the mind in creating our perception of reality.   The exploration of ideas surrounding physics, cosmology and mind is what currently drives Jason's creative impulse.


I create art to consider the phenomenon of reality emerging from a sea of particles, and to imagine the aspect of consciousness as this process unfolds in different contexts.

My pieces often approach the subject as an observer situated outside of space and time.   Using contemporary, pop-art, and abstract elements, I aim to visualize what it might look like to see the world bubbling into existence.   I experiment with colour and texture through the use of traditional artists' mediums, modern objects, and natural elements.

I do not create art in series.   If a series of works is a chapter, and an artists' body of work their novel, my pieces represent an anthology of essays sharing common themes.


Whether you are a gallery owner or curator hosting an exhibit, or a business looking to liven up your walls, please contact me to talk art.

Sales / Rentals

Pieces in the gallery that are marked with a red dot are not available for purchase.

Works are available for rent by the day, half week, week, and month, and there is a one-year lease option that allows for a rotation of different pieces throughout the year.   The flexibility of renting is great for TV, film, and photo shoots, as well as home staging and places of business.


The cost and turnaround time of commissions is determined upon request and after consultation.


Most pieces displayed in the gallery are available for purchase as a fine art digital print, with the cost and turnaround time depending on your choice of size, stock, and mounting.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio!

Please contact me for any and all inquiries:

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