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Vancouver Internet Marketing - RSS Generator and Marketing

It's no surprise that today information comes fast and furious, and the popularity of sites like Twitter and Facebook have proven that regular updates are needed to stay relevant. This is why an RSS generator is so important: you provide new information right away.

An RSS generator is an excellent tool, as it saves so much time. No longer do you need to spend the time and money creating elaborate newsletters or specialized emails updating your clients. Instead, clients can receive RSS news feeds through an RSS generator that YNG Online can provide for you. Changes in the industry, updates regarding your company, special offers and more can be instantly sent out to your clients in the form of RSS news feeds.

If your client has an RSS reader, then instead of you sending information to them directly, their reader will instead "pull" that information as soon as it's made available online through an RSS generator. Your clients can receive press releases, blog updates, news, special offers, and other time-sensitive information instantly. Our RSS generator allows you to send text, links, images, and a many other forms of information to make your RSS marketing strategy a success.

The RSS generator and RSS marketing support we provide includes the following:

  • Choose to present some information only on your website, or make it available as an RSS news feed
  • The ability to include a high number of items in a single RSS news feed
  • The choice of including images with your news feeds
  • Provide summaries or complete text feeds
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Make Your site SEO Friendly

YNG Online will set up an RSS generator for a new website, or adjust any website that already has RSS capabilities so that it better serves your unique business needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you!