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Web Application Programming - Web Design

Web application programming is an important area when it comes to designing a website that will attract visitors and keep them. YNG Online has programmers on staff with years of experience developing web applications and we will make sure that your website is up to date with the latest technology. The type of web application programming we provide includes the following:

  • Wordpress programming and web database programming
  • Compatibility with the major browsers
  • Ensuring that SSL and Server Commerce security are set up properly
  • Providing effective web analytics and monitoring them for accuracy
  • Implementing CSS, PHP, Javascript, XML, Flash, DHTML and others
  • Making sure the website is compliant with W3C regulations

YNG Online takes web application programming seriously and provides you with staff who are trained in virtually every web application programming language out there. This includes:

  • PHP web programming, ASP programming , SQL programming, Cold Fusion and Microsoft .NET

Part of why our web application programming is so successful is because we assist our clients with hosting needs, if they should require such assistance. We consider this just another one of our web development solutions. We do not provide hosting solutions ourselves, however, yet neither do we accept or receive any commissions or payment from hosting companies that we recommend. We are simply interested in choosing the best hosting company for your needs. If we are able to find a reliable hosting company, then it makes it easier for us to quickly and efficiently set up your website. It is also far easier for us to take care of your web application programming needs this way as well.